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We promote financial inclusion

through data, analytics and insight.




Access to financial services can drastically improve the lives of the poor. 


MIX is the leading global information provider in support of financial inclusion. MIX identifies information challenges that impede market development, and provides the data, analytics and insights that support actors building healthy markets. MIX’s platforms cover thousands of mission-focused financial institutions, impact investor portfolios, agri-businesses, mobile money providers and other actors in 100 markets across the globe, supported by staff in the United States, India, Peru, Senegal and Azerbaijan. MIX helps impact investors who move 10 billion USD annually to monitor their portfolios and increase their investments in underserved sectors and geographies. MIX is expanding to address the information needs in sectors where financial services are enablers of broader development goals, including smallholder agriculture finance, green energy finance and fintech. MIX’s partners and clients include the World Bank and IFC, UNCDF, Mastercard Foundation, and leading impact investors working globally.








MIX Market is an online data platform where thousands of financial service providers and institutions in 100 markets share business data to create transparency and generate intelligence. This business data enables users to conduct due diligence, establish reporting standards, and promote responsible investment. MIX Market provides analysis on the risks and opportunities in emerging markets around the world.



FINclusion Lab is a data visualization platform designed to inspire the coordinated delivery of responsible financial services to underserved communities. FINclusion Lab tools enable users to analyze the distribution of financial service points at national and sub-national levels. FINclusion Lab also allows policymakers and financial service providers to optimize their strategies and measure progress toward national goals.