MIX Market Features

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MIX Market contains features that enhance your user experience and provide you with the ability to perform detailed and customized analysis. Below you will find detailed explanations of some of MIX Market's most popular features:


Compare FSPs

FSPs report financial and performance data to MIX Market to create more transparency in the industry. This in turn leads to a stronger sector that is more integrated with the mainstream financial markets. MIX Market allows you to compare performance data of a specific FSP against others in its peer group. Watch the FSP Analysis video.


Create Benchmarks

Benchmarking is a way to get a view of a sector at a given time and ensures the highest level of comparability for FSP data on a global scale. Benchmarks allow you to compare an FSP's performance to both its peer group as well as to all FSPs on MIX Market. This can help you understand better how a particular FSP is performing compared to other FSPs that are similar to it.