Creating a Cross-Market Analysis Report

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The Cross Market Analysis tool (subscription required) allows you to run reports and analysis on data across markets, rather than creating a report based on a single or group of FSPs. For example, you may want to explore the relationship between growth in portfolio and financing sources (such as deposits, borrowings, or equity) over time across markets or types of FSPs.


Watch this video or follow the step-by-step instructions below:


I.  Click on “edit data” to select which indicators you are interested in. You can scroll through the list to pick a data point or just type a few letters from the data point to narrow the list.  For example, typing ‘number borrowers’ will help you narrow the list to find ‘number of active borrowers’.  Choose each indicator by clicking on the check box.  Once you are done selecting all the indicators, click on the “OK” box to move to the next step.


II.  Next, select the Report Period you are interested in.  You can choose data before, after or between certain fiscal years.  Premium customers can also choose to view quarterly data.


III.  Applying ‘Filters’ will allow you to narrow down the data points you are interested in, according to parameters such as country, an institution’s legal status or profit status, its age, outreach, scale or other standard MIX peer groups.  You can choose one or multiple criteria to narrow down the list.  For example, choosing Country = Peru and Current Legal Status = Bank will narrow the FSP data set to include only Peruvian banks.


IV.  The ‘Group’ option allows you to select how you wish you display the data – the default setting will lists the data by FSP. Alternatively, you can display the data by country or other institutional characteristics. For example, choosing “Scale” would group the results by Large, Medium and Small scale FSPs according to MIX’s peer group framework.


V.  Once you set these parameters, click ‘create report’ and it will present both charts and data tables.


As with all other reports, you can Print, Share, and Download the data you see on the screen.