MFI Benchmark Analysis | Microbanking Bulletin, December 2009 (Issue No. 19)

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Nov 30, 2009

The latest issue of the MicroBanking Bulletin includes MFI benchmark tables that reflect the onset of the global economic slowdown and financial crisis. Almost 1100 MFIs are benchmarked - the most robust data set to date from MIX - and they collectively served 74 million borrowers with 38 billion USD in loans. Feature articles cover social performance, the need for pricing transparency, issues surrounding savings, and new financial ratios for microfinance reporting.

MFI Benchmark Analysis: Operating Efficiency: Victim to the Crisis?

Blaine Stephens, COO and Director of Analysis, MIX
The analysis of the benchmark data from Blaine Stephens, COO of MIX, addresses how the global slowdown is impacting MFIs from all regions of the world.

Scaling Up MicroSavings

Christoph Kneiding, Ignacio Mas, Adrian Gonzalez, and Sheila Miller

Saving Through the Mobile Phone

Olga Morawczynski, University of Edinburgh

The Case for Pricing Transparency

Jessica A. Haeussler

Is Social Performance Profitable?

Florent Bédécarrats, Rémy William Angora, Cécile Lapenu

New Financial Ratios for Microfinance Reporting

Drew Tulchin, Reid Sassman, Elizabeth Wolkomir: Social Enterprise Associates, for the MFI Reporting Standards Initiative of the SEEP Network

2008 MFI Benchmarks

The MicroBanking Bulletin is published semi-annually by MIX.