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microfinance policy

Monitor progress and inform policies



Creating an operating environment that enables FSPs and other stakeholders to provide responsible financial services to the poor requires a detailed understanding of the realities on the ground. With MIX platforms, you can measure national and subnational progress toward strategic objectives, identify which industry actors are in the best position to contribute, and better inform policies in order to reach full financial inclusion. 





Dig into the financial and social performance of many of the FSPs operating within your country to identify and monitor the various market participants. Monitor trends and developments with our Market Intelligence reports and search for potential partners using our directory of over 2,000 organizations.





Our interactive dashboards on FINclusion Lab provide a high-level view of progress toward national goals but also allow you drill down to subnational levels and identify areas of either low financial access or oversaturation. With our geospatial mapping technology you can also explore which type of institutions operate in various regions within your country.





Our personalized service offerings range from Advisory Services to On-Demand Reporting Solutions to Custom Analytics. These services provide your agency with detailed assessments, comprehensive tools, and the insights that can jumpstart your financial inclusion strategy. We have experience working with central banks, service providers, and mobile network operators, among others.