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ANNOUNCEMENT: Recognizing socially transparent and responsible MFIs

ANNOUNCEMENT: Select Indian MFIs show renewed optimism

Responses from thirty eight Indian MFIs – representing 49% of the market by gross loan portfolio – reveal a renewed optimism in the country’s microfinance market.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bangladeshi MFIs project growth but undecided with funding and regulatory changes

What are 27 surveyed Bangladeshi MFIs expecting to happen within the microfinance market in the upcoming quarter?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Despite concerns, Azerbaijani market grows 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kyrgyz MFIs expect borrower and GLP growth

After the volatility of 2012, MFIs are expecting borrowers and GLP to grow and PAR to remain in check. Political and regulatory changes as a result of the popular protests are the leading factor for MFIs for outreach, and client-indebtedness is the leading factor for...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Pakistani MFIs expect growth in borrowers and GLP

ANNOUNCEMENT: Declining inflation in Bangladesh

Although inflation is declining, the MRA is studying a change to its interest rate policy. This would drop the permissible rate from the current 27% to...


ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes in Ecuador’s market and legislation

In Ecuador’s final quarter of 2012, the microfinance sector experienced many changes. While GLP and PAR levels remained flat, deposits continued growing. As for the market, two actors sought approval on their merges, while enacted legislation closed...

ANNOUNCEMENT: SKS resumes operations in Andhra Pradesh

With a Supreme Court appeal victory, SKS will be able to recommence operations in Andhra Pradesh and bypass the AP MFI Act. MFIN, a network of Indian NBFIs, will do the same on behalf of its members. Although investment in the sector remains tepid, the court victory should help. As for GLP trends...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Cambodia's growth in deposits 

Deposits continued to grow strongly, but what accounted for that growth?