The impact of state policies on financial inclusion in Vietnam

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In Vietnam, state-owned entities are required to be present uniformly across the country, irrespective of population density. As a result, there is an even distribution of the supply of financial access points and no region seems to be lagging behind. However, that is not the case with other entities that prioritize areas with high population densities. MIX’s Interactive Dashboard for Vietnam provides an overview of the situation, along with detailed insights.


financial access in vietnam


In the graph above, we excluded all access points belonging to banks in order to see the distribution of access points per population when they are not promoted by government policies. The development has not been even among regions: Except for Dong Bang Song Hong (Red River Delta) and Bac Trung Bo (North Central) which have a ratio above 1 for number of access points per 10,000 people, all the other regions are bellow that, with a specific notice for Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) and Tay Bac Bo (Northwest) which have the lowest ratio with 0.1. This data can tell us whether government policies have had more success in promoting financial inclusion in these two specific regions.


Financial inclusion data for Vietnam


MIX’s Interactive Dashboard for Vietnam enables us to select access points from banks only. We can see a more evenly distribution of the number of access points, which corroborates the fact that government policies are supporting banks’ expansion in all regions. Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) and Tay Bac Bo (Northwest) are still bellow the median there but they are not the most underserved regions. This time, Dong Bang Song Cuu Long (Mekong River Delta) stands out with a ratio of only 2.1 while median stands at 3.0. State policies are effectively promoting financial inclusion in all regions but the efforts could still be improved to achieve equal inclusion over the country.


For more such insightful analyses, visit our Interactive Dashboard for Vietnam.