Now Hiring: Practice Lead, Digital Financial Services / Fintech Intelligence

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MIX is the leading global data resource for socially responsible investors and businesses focused on inclusive finance. MIX’s data platform covers thousands of mission-focused financial service providers in more than 100 developing markets. MIX collects, analyzes, and maintains data on financial services providers. The data are shared both as a public good for the advancement of the industry and on a fee-paid basis for subscribers interested in more detailed market intelligence. MIX helps socially responsible investors who move 10 billion USD annually to monitor their portfolios and increase their investments in underserved sectors and geographies, including agricultural finance, clean energy finance and inclusive fintech. Founded in 2002, MIX has data analysts in every region of the world.


Assignment: Practice Lead, Digital financial services / Fintech Intelligence


Type: Consultant, Part time


The initiative

Digital financial services, including mobile money services, payment cards, and other financial technology (fintech) applications are quickly changing the landscape of financial services and having a significant impact on financial inclusion.  As one example, Global Findex 2017 found that mobile money accounts penetration increased rapidly since 2014.  In 2017, more than 20% of adults had mobile money accounts in 19 countries around the world, up from 7 countries just three years earlier. The World Bank referred to these developments as a fundamental re-imagining of financial services that offer a powerful solution for expanding access and usage of financial solutions for the poor


Despite these rapid advances, investors, funders and market supporters lack the visibility necessary to support healthy growth of the fintech market.  Visibility, via trusted sources of information, allows funders and investors to discover partners and investees, and common standards and definitions allow funders and investors to compare potential investments. Trusted sources of comparable information are a pre-condition for capital to flow. Currently, the industry lacks a standardized approach to defining what fintech is, let alone aggregating and analyzing relevant data. This serves as a tremendous barrier to increased investment in and growth of the fintech sector. 


MIX is addressing these information constraints through a series of projects that will create the information building blocks to (1) develop market intelligence on inclusive fintechs and (2) transparency on funding flows to digital financial services and fintechs.


MIX is seeking a consultant with experience and knowledge in digital financial services and/or fintech to serve as practice lead for the research, design and development of MIX’s intelligence products on digital financial services and fintech.   This position provides a unique opportunity to help chart the course forward for digital financial services and fintech for inclusion. The consultant will collaborate closely with leading funders and impact investors in the industry, as well as fintech businesses. As such, the practice lead will be responsible to:


  • Develop MIX’s fintech intelligence practice, including refining the vision and goals for the practice across projects and products and in line with MIX’s strategy
  • Lead and coordinate research and development work across DFS and fintech projects with a goal of informing MIX’s product development, product business model, and product operations
  • Lead MIX’s engagement with funders, investors, fintech businesses and other ecosystem actors to develop an industry standard view on fintech segments and key metrics for understanding their businesses, including their inclusiveness
  • Build out and lead a plan for MIX’s fintech intelligence products based on research and in line with market demand
  • Analyze and synthesize trends in digital finance / find and their implications for MIX’s efforts


To accomplish the above responsibilities, the practice lead will be expected to:


  • Serve as MIX’s central focal point for digital financial services and fintech projects to ensure coordination across projects and resources.
  • Represent MIX externally at industry events and convenings
  • Coordinate the work of MIX’s project consultants in digital financial service and fintech projects.
  • Develop program goals and develop or coordinate development of project work plans.
  • Ensure documentation of research findings.
  • Coordinate development and documentation of product processes and methodologies.
  • Develop written analysis and reports for presentation to target user and funding partners.


Level of effort


The practice lead is expected to work approximately 60-80%.  The assignment will be based on a one-year renewable contract.




MIX is a global organization with analyst teams located in India, Senegal, Peru and Azerbaijan and functional teams located in New York, Washington DC, California and Paris.  MIX’s work culture supports and encourages working with teams from multiple locations.  For this project lead role, it would be an advantage for this person to be based in New York, Washington, DC or in Europe.


Working relationships


The practice lead will report to MIX’s COO for overall project outcomes, and will collaborate with MIX’s CEO for strategic direction, with MIX’s Product Director to ensure development of products in line with MIX practices, MIX’s revenues team for proposal development, and MIX’s Director of Marketing and Communications for external communication and awareness.  In addition, the project lead will work with one (or more) MIX consultants for specific projects and data collection and analysis.


To apply


Interested consultants should send a cover letter (clearly stating the candidate’s experience) and resume to, along with at least one sample of an analytical report or presentation.  MIX will be interviewing candidates on a rolling basis with a tentative assignment start date of 01-Jan-19.