Global Data Shows Strong Growth in Financial Services, Regional Variations

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13 May 2019


The recently published Global Outreach & Financial Performance Benchmark Report 2017-2018 (free to read) highlights global, regional, and national trends in financial services for the poor. While the global trend is positive, regional variations were observed due to a variety of factors resulting from difficult regulatory, political and economic environments. Overall, FSPs around the world expanded their outreach to borrowers. While the number of offices (branches) declined, many institutions began or continued to adopt new methods for product and service delivery such as agents, ATMs and merchant points-of-sale, as evidenced by new data on digital delivery channel reported to MIX Market from over 180 FSPs. FSPs reported over 110,000 digital delivery channel service points across all the regions. In most of the regions, FSPs that use digital delivery channels are serving their clients primarily through agents and merchant points-of-sale which account for over 40% of digital delivery channel service points globally.


Additionally, the percentage of female borrowers varied greatly between regions. As shown in Global Findex data, the gender gap continues to persist. However, MIX Market data shows that financial service providers in several regions had a very high overall proportion of female borrowers as a percentage of total borrowers, albeit with a slight drop at the global level from FY2016 to FY2017. 


Percentage of female borrowers, MIX Market


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