Fintech data standards now open for public comment

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24 June 2019


MIX is currently developing a new data solution to help unlock fintech investment by offering free and paid access to data on individual fintechs as well as access to benchmarks related to a specific product, country, or technology. For additional background on this effort, please see our recent blogs published by the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion and NextBillion.


Through our experience with Inclusive Fintech 50, we learned what type of data fintechs and investors value, and which are the most important (and readily available) data points for telling each individual fintech's story while gaining insights into broader industry trends. 


Based on this experience, we've updated our draft Data Standards (a key input into the data solution -- effectively, the data that fintechs will share when​ registering for the solution). The Data Standards are now online here for public comment. We hope that you'll review and share your feedback by commenting within the Google Sheet. 


The document will be open for public comment until Friday, July 5, 2019. For any questions, email