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26 July 2018 - CSAF's State of the Sector report, released this week, highlights the continued expansion of the financial market serving small- and medium-sized agricultural enterprises.  It also found that obstacles remain for socially responsible investors aiming to allocate capital "at the scale required to meet demand."  According to MIX analysis, overall lending from member institutions grew slightly, though at a significantly slower rate than in previous years. 

18 July 2018 - As CSAF's data partner, MIX collects and analyzes the lending data of its members, which include Root Capital, Incofin, Oikocredit, AgDevCo and several other social lenders and impact investors.  Each year, CSAF publishes the State of the Sector report, which covers the evolving credit market for agricultural SMEs and challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.  To launch the newest report, CSAF will be hosting a State of the Sector webinar and MIX will be presenting the latest trends in CSAF lending based on extensive analysis of recent data.  

9 July 2018 - The Analyst is responsible for supporting the growth and expansion of MIX’s core activities in South Asia in line with the organization’s goals of achieving reliable, comparable, and publicly available information on the performance and outreach of financial service providers (FSPs). The Analyst is responsible for collecting, processing and analyzing financial, operational and social performance data from a portfolio of FSPs, in addition to supporting partner organizations in the use of application of MIX’s systems and products.

9 July 2018 - Ambassador placements are made to fit the unique skills and interests of qualified candidates, as well as the needs of the organization. Working closely with the MIX team on various developing markets, candidates will help develop and promote MIX’s work through regular blogs/articles that promote stakeholder interest.

Financial service providers in Cambodia project stronger growth in GLP than in borrowers, and expect client-indebtedness and competition to impact PAR 30 levels in the future.  The Barometer Forecast for Cambodia is based on responses from 16 institutions providing projections for the quarter ending in June 2018.

Similar to previous forecasts, financial service providers expect slow growth in borrower and GLP levels during the June 2018 quarter.  Additionally, PAR 30 ratios are expected to remain similar to previous quarters.  The Barometer Forecast for Tajikistan is based on projections provided by 19 institutions that responded to the survey for the quarter ending June 2018.  These institutions represent 93% of the market by gross loan portfolio and 89% of the market by borrowers as of FY2016. 

Fifteen financial service providers (FSPs) in Bolivia responded to the Barometer Forecast survey providing projections for the quarter ending in June 2018. These respondents account for 85% of the market by gross loan portfolio (GLP) and 95% by number of borrowers.  FSPs continue to expect stronger growth in their loan portfolios than in borrower levels as similar previous quarters.

We've been busy analyzing reported data from the December 2017 quarter across a number of countries including Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia and others.  We've also surveyed local financial service providers from Bangladesh, Kenya, Senegal and several other markets.  You can view their expectations for coming quarters by reading our Barometer Forecast report. 

In this guest post, the author explores the potential benefits of integrating disparate digital financial services. Around the globe, two billion individuals lack access to financial services. These same individuals stand to benefit tremendously if they have the financial tools to meet their various, complicated and overlapping needs. Integrated financial services could go a long way in ensuring these individuals are not forced to choose between the education of a child and the health of a family member.

The latest edition of the MicroCapital Monitor is now available on their website (subscription required).  The April 2018 edition includes briefs on Ant Financial's purchase of a 45% stake in Pakistan's Telenor Microfinance, a food distributor in Kenya's use of mobile data and blockchain for lending, and FMO's syndicated loan for on-lending to agri-businesses in Nigeria.  This edition also includes a special report on this year's European Micr