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MIX Market is the industry-leading data and intelligence platform for socially responsible investors focused on inclusive finance in emerging markets.  The MIX Market platform houses essential data for comparing the performance of a wide range of mission-focused financial services providers in more than 100 developing markets.  MIX Market is used by more than 30 major impact investors and development finance institutions who move 10 billion USD annually.

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Introducing the Inclusive Fintech 50!

17 June 2019 - Meet the winners of the Inclusive Fintech 50 competition, an initiative implemented by MIX to recognize early-stage fintechs that are driving financial inclusion in emerging and advanced markets around the world.

Five Things We’ve Learned Creating Data Standards for Inclusive Fintech

29 May 2019 - In a new article published on NextBillion, MIX's Chrissy Martin Meier and Blaine Stephens share insights into how we can design and collect information on data standards to drive capital to inclusive fintechs.

Inclusive fintech provides fertile ground for cyber crime. What can be done about it?

This is a guest post by Pietro Rocco di Torrepadula, a current Master's candidate at Columbia University' School of International and Public Affairs. Pietro is currently enrolled in the course "Financial Inclusion: Models and Products to Enhance...

The GIIN launches the IRIS+ system for impact investors to measure and manage impact

16 May 2019 - The GIIN today launched the IRIS+ system for impact investors to measure and manage their impact. MIX was glad to provide input into the financial services metrics and framework.

Global Data Shows Strong Growth in Financial Services, Regional Variations

13 May 2019 - The recently published Global Outreach & Financial Performance Benchmark Report 2017-2018 (free to read) highlights global, regional, and national trends in financial services for the poor. While the global trend is positive,...

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Progress begins with data.

Better data means better decisions.  Better decisions mean better results. 

And for socially responsible investors, better results means greater impact. 


Since 2002, MIX Market has helped socially responsible investors move more capital with less risk and more impact. Our robust data makes it possible to see opportunities more clearly and inform investment strategies.

How We Help You

Data Tools

The FINclusion Lab project encourages financial services providers, governments and financial inclusion funders to analyze financial services penetration to formulate policies and identify underserved areas.  Developed by MIX in 2014, the interactive data visualizations integrate data on financial access points and local market infrastructure and demand at the national, provincial, district and commune levels to generate actionable intelligence.  The FINclusion Lab project was made possible with generous support from Mastercard Foundation, Gates Foundation, MetLife Foundation, UNCDF, and Cisco.