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MIX Market is the industry-leading data and intelligence platform for socially responsible investors focused on inclusive finance in emerging markets.  The MIX Market platform houses essential data for comparing the performance of a wide range of mission-focused financial services providers in more than 100 developing markets.  MIX Market is used by more than 30 major impact investors and development finance institutions who move 10 billion USD annually.

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Five things we’ve learned about funding flows for digital financial inclusion

27 November 19 - With the aim of using data to unlock more and better investment in digital financial inclusion, MIX, with generous support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has been working on a tool to help us understand the funding...

Inclusive fintech in Asia: Findings and takeaways

11 November 2019 - Through initiatives like Inclusive Fintech 50 and Fintech in Asia, we bring together investors, fintechs, and accelerators to address the challenges a lack of data standards and transparency presents to funders and fintechs when...

What’s next for MIX Market: The foundational dataset moves to the World Bank’s Data Catalog

4 November 2019 - We recently hosted a webinar with FinDev Gateway to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of MIX's historical role in building transparency in the microfinance industry through the MIX Market dataset and how we're applying...

Meet MIX on the road!

15 October 2019 - MIX will be participating in various inclusive finance events around the world in the next few weeks. Let us know if you'll be joining us!

Inclusive fintech can drive impact among smallholders and SMEs

30 September 2019 - The inaugural interview of "Perspectives", a new series from SAFIN network features Blaine Stephens, Chief Operating Officer at MIX who describes how harmonizing data standards and closing information gaps surrounding fintechs...

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Progress begins with data.

Better data means better decisions.  Better decisions mean better results. 

And for socially responsible investors, better results means greater impact. 


Since 2002, MIX Market has helped socially responsible investors move more capital with less risk and more impact. Our robust data makes it possible to see opportunities more clearly and inform investment strategies.

How We Help You

Data Tools

The FINclusion Lab project encourages financial services providers, governments and financial inclusion funders to analyze financial services penetration to formulate policies and identify underserved areas.  Developed by MIX in 2014, the interactive data visualizations integrate data on financial access points and local market infrastructure and demand at the national, provincial, district and commune levels to generate actionable intelligence.  The FINclusion Lab project was made possible with generous support from Mastercard Foundation, Gates Foundation, MetLife Foundation, UNCDF, and Cisco.