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Join financial inclusion's largest investors to increase industry transparency. Monitor your portfolio companies, streamline performance reporting, and become a member of the MIX Gold Community. Click the button below to setup a free MIX Gold demo.








MIX Intelligence (formerly MIX Silver) keeps you ahead of the market with reliable forecasts from local actors and in-depth assessments of market trends and developments. Click the button below to setup a free MIX Intelligence demo.








Gain immediate access to annual data from hundreds of FSPs and take advantage of our easy-to-use suite of analytical tools. Analyze, benchmark, and compare performance indicators across relevant markets and actors. Click below to get started.









With free access to MIX Discovery, you can instantly view the profiles of thousands of financial inclusion actors as well as country market overviews to gain a quick but comprehensive view of the landscape. Click below to register for free.








With MIX A La Carte you can purchase specific datasets or publications without a continuous subscription (free registration is required). View our expansive library of content and select individual datasets and publications that provide insight and analysis into the financial inclusion industry.