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Solutions designed to deliver insight.



Our solutions are designed to do more than just provide data. In a rapidly changing marketplace, we understand the value of providing deep analyses, actionable intelligence, and strategically-important information. That's why we have developed, refined, and reintroduced a set of solutions that delivers the insights you need to move your organization forward. From our organization profile directory to market intelligence publications to customized data collection, we offer solutions tailored to your needs.


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Organization and Market Snapshots


With free access to MIX Discovery, you can instantly view the profiles of thousands of financial inclusion actors as well as country market overviews to gain a quick but comprehensive view of the landscape.



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Easy-to-use Analytical Tools


With MIX Essentials you can access annual data from hundreds of FSPs and utilize our suite of interactive tools to analyze, benchmark, and compare performance using the indicators important to you.



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Timely Market Insights and Analysis


MIX Intelligence (formerly MIX Silver) allows you to conduct due diligence on FSPs, monitor sector trends, and compare more than 100 indicators across markets to analyze capital structure, portfolio risk, and more.  


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Custom Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting


Some of the largest financial inclusion investors and funders use MIX Gold for customized data collection, streamlined performance monitoring, and reduced reporting burdens for their portfolio companies. 




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