Measuring the Performance of Alternative Delivery Channels

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Apr 6, 2017
Antoine Navarro and Blaine Stephens


Financial service providers (FSPs) are deploying various alternative delivery channels (ADCs) to serve their clients outside of branches, often enabled by technology and digitization of the service. Financial service providers are developing metrics and dashboards to monitor the development of these new channels and to track them against operational and strategic goals. However, financial service providers still need visibility onto the rest of the market.


Understanding this need, MIX embarked on research to design alternative delivery channel performance metrics and benchmarks to enable financial service providers to assess their performance against other market actors. With support from The Mastercard Foundation, IFC and UNCDF, MIX was able to interview, visit and collect data from partner financial service providers in sub-Saharan Africa. This research builds on the extensive work on alternative delivery channel metrics conducted by Bankable Frontier Associates in collaboration with The Mastercard Foundation.


The findings from this research highlight the demand for standard metrics to guide decision making on alternative delivery channels in a changing environment. The research also indicates that financial service providers must begin by updating their reporting systems and dashboards to track these metrics. Doing so will allow them to analyze alternative delivery channel performance within their institutions and also to contribute their data to create visibility onto the overall market.