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MIX premium publications provide actionable intelligence.


Our suite of premium publications delivers actionable insights into financial service markets around the world. Our on-the-ground analysts work with local actors in key markets to identify trends, monitor developments and forecast future directions. We do this so you can focus on managing your operations and investments. 







Quarterly Factsheet


Sourced from our on-the-ground market analysts, these quarterly reports analyze key metrics to isolate and monitor market trends and developments. View Sample








Barometer Forecast


In coordination with local market actors, we produce these quarterly forecasts to anticipate future market developments with a particular focus on outreach, risk and portfolio size.

View Sample










Annual Benchmark Report


These annual reports provide detailed country and institutional performance across a range of financial and operational metrics.

View Sample












Available Countries for Premium Intelligence Publications




East Asia

     and the Pacific     

Eastern Europe

and Central Asia

Latin America and

the Caribbean

      South Asia       
Bolivia Bangladesh
Kenya India
Nigeria   Pakistan






We offer our premium publications as part of MIX Intelligence. You can also purchase individual premium publications a la carte.