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Our mission is to provide the data, analytics and insights that empower decision makers to build an inclusive financial services ecosystem. Therefore, we are committed to delivering reliable data and regular market intelligence to increase transparency into the financial inclusion industry. We provide unparalleled access to financial, operational and social performance data and information, including quarterly results, on more than 1,500 financial service providers in the developing world covering 94 million borrowers. That number grows every day, by virtue of the trust that MIX has established in its years of relationships with financial service providers and other industry stakeholders. These relationships provide MIX users with unmatched insight into market dynamics and performance at the individual FSP level.


Publicly available data on MIX Market and in MIX publications are available for use in research and analysis. Data and content may only be used for non-commercial purposes. If the material is published or distributed, it should be attributed to MIX with the appropriate citation. The appropriate citation for publications is the following: Author. "Report Name." MIX, Date or Author. "Report Name." MIX, Date. If the content is used online, the “Report Name” should be hyperlinked to the source on MIX's website. For tables and graphs using our data, cite MIX Market as the source and include the appropriate date. The citation should appear to the right or directly below the table or graph. For further details, view our Terms of Service, including the sections on License and Restriction of use.


Intended for individual users like researchers, consultants and students, MIX Essentials provides access to view and download annual data from the global database of financial services providers in over 120+ countries. In addition, users can leverage MIX’s analytical tools to create benchmarks, customized FSP reports, and other time saving features such as saved reports and portfolios so that users can pick up where they left next time they log in. Watch the MIX Essentials video overview.




MIX Discovery allows users to browse the directory of over 2,000 profiles of financial service providers, networks, funders, and investors around the world working towards financial inclusion. To get started, click here to register by creating a free account to browse and save reports.



MIX Market offers a suite of premium publications that deliver market intelligence and insight into key markets across the world. These reports are designed to save you the time and effort and help you get to insights faster. All premium publications can be purchased a la carte or through a MIX Intelligence subscription. 



MIX does not produce ratings, but we do post rating summaries submitted by FSPs, which you can locate in the Files tab under FSP profiles.


MIX does not offer grants or financing of any kind. MIX provides reliable performance data to the financial inclusion industry.


If you could not find the answer to your question in our FAQ or Help, please contact us at



If you already have Tableau: Click on the "Download" button in the bottom right corner of the image. This will open a new window in your default internet browser. Click "Download Workbook." This will download the file to your computer at which point you can open it in Tableau. Click on the "Download" button in the bottom right corner of the image. This will open a new window in your default internet browser. Click on the "Free Download" button. This will walk you through the steps of obtaining a copy of Tableau. A new window will open with at least one tab, though depending on the chart may have multiple tabs (Summary and Underlying). Each tab will have an option to download all rows as a text file. Click this link. A .csv file will download to your computer.



Once you've sucessfully subscribed to MIX Essentials, you will need to log into your account using the link sent to your email. The link expires so please follow the instructions to reset your password. In order to access the data, navigate to the Cross-Market Analysis or FSP Analysis tool either directly from the MyMIX dashboard, or by clicking on the Data & Analysis tab in the navigation. For more information, please refer to these videos:


Getting started with MIX Essentials

How to use the Cross-Market Analysis tool




Unfortunately, this tool is only accessbile for subscribers with a MIX Gold account. If you have a MIX Essentials subscription, you can access the Cross-Market Analysis tool and the FSP Analysis tool.



Unfortunately, we are only able to accept payments through PayPal at this time. PayPal accepts most major credit cards and you will be charged the equivalent in your local currency at prevailing exchange rates. MIX can only accept wire transfers for the full price 12-month subscription. Please email



Yes, both the 3-month subscription and 12-month subscription term provide access to the same data (annual). Throughout the duration of your subscription to MIX Essentials you can access the data and download an unlimited number of times for any annual data within MIX Market. The 12-month subscription is intended for users who might need access to the data for a longer period of time. 



Access to the full annual dataset on MIX Market is only available through a paid MIX Essentials subscription. We offer discounts for 12-month subscriptions and deep discounts for students. Please visit the MIX Essentials overview for pricing and details.



When you subscribe to MIX Essentials through PayPal, it is set up as a recurring subscription that automatically renews at the end of the initial term. If you would like to stop recurring payments, please log into your PayPal account and deselect the checkbox for recurring payments. If you require a refund, please email



In order to access the Cross-Market Analysis tool or the FSP Analysis tool, first you'll need to log into your account. You can navigate to the tools either from the MyMIX dashboard or from the Data & Analysis tab. Watch this video for a quick tutorial on how to use the Cross-Market Analysis tool.




Thank you for your interest in MIX Market. For individuals, a subscription to MIX Essentials provides access to our global database of annual data. With a MIX Essentials subscription, you can view and/or download as many reports as you need throughout the duration of your subscription. You can find details, features and pricing for MIX Essentials here.



MIX Essentials is designed for individuals (students, academics, researchers and consultants) who need access to MIX Market's annual dataset. MIX Essentials is largely 'self-service', meaning that users can register and subscribe via PayPal and use the FAQs and Tutorials to learn how to get the most out of your subscription. MIX Intelligence is designed for impact investing firms and funding organizations that require multiple user accounts and detailed market intelligence on a quarterly basis. 




You can view the list of indicators by downloading this spreadsheet. Please note that there are multiple tabs so you will need to scroll through to see the various indicators included in the MIX Market database.


For more details on the MIX Essentials features, please view the MIX Essentials overview.




Yes, MIX Essentials provides all indicators that are available. We offer a student discount for MIX Essentials but the features remain the same. MIX Essentials provides access to annual data and subscribers can view and/or download as many reports as needed throughout the duration of your subscription. 




With a MIX Essentials subscription, you can access the data using our online analytical tools. The tools are intuitive and you can select desired indicators, time periods, institutions and other components to create custom data cuts. You can either view the data reports online, or you can download your data cuts into Excel. 



Our glossary provides detailed definitions and formulas for all indicators. The glossary also includes peer group categories, including specifications of age, charter type and outreach. Finally, an explanation of the 'diamonds' that you will see on individual organization profiles is included at the bottom of the glossary page.




MIX Market contains features that enhance your user experience and provide you with the ability to perform detailed and customized analysis. Below you will find detailed explanations of some of MIX Market's most popular features:


Compare FSPs

FSPs report financial and performance data to MIX Market to create more transparency in the industry. This in turn leads to a stronger sector that is more integrated with the mainstream financial markets. MIX Market allows you to compare performance data of a specific FSP against others in its peer group. Watch the FSP Analysis video.


Create Benchmarks

Benchmarking is a way to get a view of a sector at a given time and ensures the highest level of comparability for FSP data on a global scale. Benchmarks allow you to compare an FSP's performance to both its peer group as well as to all FSPs on MIX Market. This can help you understand better how a particular FSP is performing compared to other FSPs that are similar to it. 



The Cross Market Analysis tool (subscription required) allows you to run reports and analysis on data across markets, rather than creating a report based on a single or group of FSPs. For example, you may want to explore the relationship between growth in portfolio and financing sources (such as deposits, borrowings, or equity) over time across markets or types of FSPs.


Watch this video or follow the step-by-step instructions below:


I.  Click on “edit data” to select which indicators you are interested in. You can scroll through the list to pick a data point or just type a few letters from the data point to narrow the list.  For example, typing ‘number borrowers’ will help you narrow the list to find ‘number of active borrowers’.  Choose each indicator by clicking on the check box.  Once you are done selecting all the indicators, click on the “OK” box to move to the next step.


II.  Next, select the Report Period you are interested in.  You can choose data before, after or between certain fiscal years.  Premium customers can also choose to view quarterly data.


III.  Applying ‘Filters’ will allow you to narrow down the data points you are interested in, according to parameters such as country, an institution’s legal status or profit status, its age, outreach, scale or other standard MIX peer groups.  You can choose one or multiple criteria to narrow down the list.  For example, choosing Country = Peru and Current Legal Status = Bank will narrow the FSP data set to include only Peruvian banks.


IV.  The ‘Group’ option allows you to select how you wish you display the data – the default setting will lists the data by FSP. Alternatively, you can display the data by country or other institutional characteristics. For example, choosing “Scale” would group the results by Large, Medium and Small scale FSPs according to MIX’s peer group framework.


V.  Once you set these parameters, click ‘create report’ and it will present both charts and data tables.


As with all other reports, you can Print, Share, and Download the data you see on the screen. 



Visit the Profiles directory. Using the search field, enter the name of the FSP and select the desired organization from the dropdown. You can also search for FSPs by region, country and organization type using the filtering topics on the right side.