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If you are a fintech, fill out this form to receive a customized benchmark report showing where you stand relative to peers in our data set. Additionally, you can choose to include basic company details in a special report to leading investors working with MIX. This report will help investors identify relevant fintechs and reach out directly. The form will take approximately one hour of your time and all submitted data will remain confidential in line with MIX's 15+ year track record of data stewardship. 

Benchmarks form the basis of comparison.


Benchmarks can help fintechs understand how they are performing against their peers and provide visibility into how similar companies are performing in different markets when they are preparing for international expansion. For investors, benchmarks can provide a basis of comparison during the valuation process, which is especially important for investors who are new to fintech.  For associations and incubators, benchmarks can help ensure their member companies are on track relative to peers and provide a basis for marketing the relative success of their members when searching for funding and investment partners. 

Our benchmarks will provide a view onto the market.

Investors, fintechs, associations, and incubators all tell us they are looking for benchmarks. In response, and building from the data standards we've developed, we are in the process of developing industry benchmarks. These benchmarks will demonstrate the value of collecting standardized and comparable data while enabling further refinement of the data standards. Fintechs are encouraged to submit data to be included anonymously in the initial benchmarks and will receive personalized benchmark reports and visibility among investors that have participated in the initiative.




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