India Andhra Pradesh - Key Findings


The FINclusion Lab project encourages financial services providers, governments and financial inclusion funders to analyze financial services penetration to formulate policies and identify underserved areas.  Developed by MIX in 2014, the interactive data visualizations integrate data on financial access points and local market infrastructure and demand at the national, provincial, district and commune levels to generate actionable intelligence.

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A series of static visualizations provide country-specific financial inclusion insights derived from the datasets included in a given country’s workbook.

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The FINclusion Lab platform uses geospatial mapping and data visualization to measure financial inclusion not only at the national level but also at state and district levels. Doing so allows users to identify opportunities to increase service coverage, inform strategic business planning, and improve government policy and regulation. Through strong in-country relationships and our technology infrastructure, we capture robust local data that is transformed into interactive dashboards and insights.