Promovemos la inclusión financiera

mediante la información y el conocimiento.





Data Analytics

We designed, built, and implemented the digital infrastructure that bridges the gap between data providers and data consumers.

We gather robust data and turn it into actionable market intelligence through our data platform, MIX Market.  We focus on the supply-side of finance and provide data analytics to highlight market risks and opportunities more clearly.  This intelligence enables investors to compare performance and assess  investment-readiness of financial services providers.  Armed with this aerial view, investors can then zero-in on investible opportunities and carry out deeper due diligence.

We work with leading funders to analyze data and information needs holding back the growth of emerging sectors.  We create the necessary information infrastructure: comparable data standards, a common vocabulary, and shared performance metrics.  Our efforts, in partnership with leading donors, promote more efficient markets and capital flows.

Sample Clients

MIX is the leading global data resource for socially responsible investors and businesses focused on inclusive finance.  MIX’s data platform covers thousands of mission-focused financial service providers in more than 100 developing markets.  MIX collects, analyzes, and maintains data on financial services providers.  That data is shared both as a public good for the advancement of the industry and on a fee-paid basis for subscribers interested in more detailed market intelligence.  MIX helps socially responsible investors who move 10 billion USD annually to monitor their portfolios and increase their investments in underserved sectors and geographies, including agricultural finance and inclusive fintech.  Founded in 2002, MIX has data analysts in every region of the world.