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Social Performance Indicators

Social Performance Indicators

MIX and the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) have developed 11 indicators by which to measure the social performance of microfinance institutions (MFIs). These specific indicators are used to collect social performance data from MFIs around the world and provide a platform for benchmarking and analysis.

MIXs’ primary objective is to increase transparency in the microfinance industry through data collection and analysis. Hence, MIX will focus on those indicators that are clearly and directly linked to results, have quality that can be tested and benchmarked, and can be easily validated by third parties.   

Below is the list of the 11 indicators' categories that will be used for this year data collection:



1. Mission and social goals

The MFI's stated commitment to its social mission, its target market and development objectives

2. Governance


Whether members of the Board of Directors have been trained in social performance management and the presence of a formal Board committee that monitors social performance

3. Range of products and services

Both financial and non-financial products and services offered by the MFI

4. Social responsibility to clients

The number of Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles applied by the MFI

5. Transparency of cost of services to clients

How the MFI states its interest rates

6. Human resources and staff incentives

The MFI's policy regarding social responsibility to staff. This includes: human resource policies in place, board and staff composition, staff turnover rate, and staff incentives linked to social performance goals

7.  Social responsibility to the environment

Whether the MFI has policies and initiatives in place to mitigate the environmental impact of financed enterprises

8. Poverty outreach

Poverty levels of clients at entry and their movement out of poverty over time

9. Client outreach by lending methodology

The type of lending methodology(-ies) employed by the MFI

10. Enterprises financed and employment creation

The number of enterprises financed by the MFI and employment opportunities created by the enterprises financed

11. Client retention rate

The client retention rate of the MFI

For the complete list of indicators in Spanish click here. For the complete list of indicators in French click here.

These 11 indicators’ categories have evolved over time as a result of industry feedback and past experience. View our History of Social Performance Indicators page to learn more.

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