Voice of the Client: Peru 2017

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Aug 17, 2017
Jacqueline Foelster, Renso Martinez

This report presents the findings of the second Voice of the Client pilot project in Peru, a joint initiative developed by Hivos and MIX with the objective to strengthen the application of Client Protection Principles in the microfinance sector and ensure that financial services are tailored to meet client needs. This initiative leverages mobile technology for financial service providers (FSPs) to proactively reach out to clients to uncover potential issues affecting their level of satisfaction with the suite of products and services offered. The analysis is based on data collected between June and July 2017 via interactive voice responses from 2,996 clients across five FSPs in Peru, namely ADRA Perú, Financiera Confianza, Financiera ProEmpresa, Manuela Ramos, and MiBanco.