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The MicroBanking Bulletin

The MicroBanking Bulletin

The MicroBanking Bulletin (MBB) is the premier benchmarking source for the microfinance industry. The industry commentary, analysis and benchmarks are widely used by investors, donors, MFI managers, and service providers to facilitate greater standardization and a better understanding of developments in the microfinance sector.

The MicroBanking Bulletin publishes financial and portfolio data, which is provided voluntarily by microfinance institutions (MFIs) and organized by peer groups. The MBB includes peer reviewed articles from microfinance practitioners and academics on topics related to transparency and benchmarking.

The MicroBanking Bulletin plays a critical role in:

  • Assisting MFI managers and board members in understanding their organization’s performance in comparison to that of their peers
  • Establishing industry performance standards
  • Enhancing the transparency of financial reporting
  • Improving the performance of microfinance institutions
  • Providing benchmarking services

First published in 1997, the MicroBanking Bulletin is updated frequently. Starting in September 2010, MIX’s premier microfinance publication will move to an online-only format. PDFs can still be downloaded, but print versions will no longer be sent to subscribers. Looking ahead, the MBB will transition from PDF downloads to an HTML-based publication.